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Christian Campbell (closed)
07 August 2005 @ 09:16 am
Neve and I are so close in age that if you aren't a friend of the family, chances are you'd think we were twins. Not that it would bother us, when we were kids we'd pretend we were. Our mother just had her a year later. We were inseparable and for the most part, still are. Hand in hand all the time, to school, at home. Our parents never had to worry about the two of us not getting along. She was and is the most important person in my life. We keep an eye on each other, when we were both married, which seems like a million years ago, and now. We work together whenever we can, and talk on the phone every day if at all possible. I know this kind of family bond doesn't come around that often because I'm not nearly as close to Damien and Alex as I probably should be. The two of them are almost to the point of where Neve and I are. It's almost as if we are twins, there are moments when I know something has happened and I hop on a plane to see her. I don't know how our lives would be if we didn't have each other to lean on. I think it helps that our parents are so amazing as well.

Some times things don't work out as well as you planned. Like my past with Erin. Friends, lovers, bring on the rings and vows. It was clearly the wrong step for us, for her, though she'll probably tell you otherwise. Single life is different, there is no one at home worrying about you, or calling you when you're working late. It's freedom, and it's something amazing. Especially with work the way it is, I'm hardly ever home and I wouldn't want someone waiting around for me.

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